Zapier Automation
Automation sounds complicated, but it's not. Setting a calendar reminder is a form of automation. It's just something that works automatically regardless of people.
So what's the big deal

What is Automation?

There are hundreds of tasks you and your team do everyday that involve repetition and are prone to errors. It might be something like copying the name of a client, or writing the total amount of the deal in the contract. When mistakes like this are made it can cause a headache for everyone involved, cost the business money, and jeopardise client relationships. Automation can help solve this problem!

Not only that, but sales and marketing automation can deliver a better experience for your users and clients. A better customer experience will ensure more signs, more sales, and more renewals =💰💰💰.

the powerful connector

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that connects online tools so you can setup automatic actions that happen when there is a trigger. For example, whenever you receive a contact form submission on your website then details are added to your sales CRM (eg. Pipedrive), a notification is sent to sales director (via Slack), and follow-up task is added to their task list (in Asana).

Almost every major online tool and platform has created an integration with Zapier so the possibilities are almost infinite. There is so much possibility that it's almost overwhelming. You can setup simple workflows or "zaps" to get reminders or copy data between platforms, or much more advanced automations to support your business growth without the need to recruit more people.

What's in it for me?

Benefits of Automation

Companies have been setting up automation since the start of business because it saves money and saves time. Thanks to the evolution of online technology we are all also able to take advantage of automation for our businesses. If you're using any online platforms and services then you can probably automate it.

Here's a quick list of the benefits of automation:

Save Money (& Make More Money) 💰
  1. People - utilise your current team better and grow without hiring more
  2. Full value - use advanced features of your tech that you're already paying for
  3. Less recruiting - save money and time on recruiting, less people and better retention
  4. Scale faster - flexible setup allows your business to grow immediately without constraints
  5. Revenue increases - costs are maintained with growth so revenue increases
Quality & Consistency 😇
  1. Better experience - information is correct and sent to prospects and clients on schedule
  2. Quality - automated processes never forget or make random mistakes
  3. Consistency - data remains consistent and up to date across platforms and depts
  4. Less errors - eliminates small human related errors like misunderstanding or mistyping
  5. Runs 24/7 - public holidays, sick team members and company retreats don't stop the robot
  6. Client retention - Better quality and consistency means clients are happier and return
Scaling & Growth 🚀
  1. Flexibility - company can adjust quickly when needed to more (or less) work
  2. Levers of change - understand the small changes you can make for big effect
  3. Be nimble - no need to hire at the same rate as the company is growing
Speed & Time savings 🕰️
  1. Speed - tasks that take a person days can be done in seconds with technology
  2. Save time - your team doesn't need to waste time on repetitive tasks
  3. Focus - allows your team to focus on higher value initiatives
  4. Priorities - less small errors and issues mean team has more time for priorities
Team Happiness 😁
  1. Big moves - remove little headaches so you can spend your time on big thinking
  2. Contribution -  team members can do tasks that give them pride
  3. Retention - improves team retention as they aren’t slowly dying from repetitive tasks
Metrics & Reports 📈
  1. Monitor - keep eye on business metrics and get alerted to issues as soon as they appear
  2. Dashboards - easily track daily metrics and trends to make informed timely decisions
  3. Reporting - create automated reports to see how your team and business are performing
What Are some ways to use it?

Automation Examples

There are an infinite number of ways to use automation to add value to your business. We have prepared a number of examples to inspire you and give you some ideas on how powerful automation can be and it's benefit to you, your team, your company and your customers.

What's Possible?
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