What's Possible?
It sounds like a cliché but it's true, automation allows almost infinite possibilities, and thanks to technology it's now possible for even small businesses to benefit from its power.

We have worked with a great range of companies of different sizes and in all kinds of industries and come up with many interesting and exciting automations and Zapier workflows to solve their problems and help them grow their business.

In some cases our incredible clients have also come up with their own ideas and have then come to us to help them execute their grand plans. We're constantly surprised and impressed by the vision and creative thinking and we want to keep building together.

Below is a list of some of the different ways we can use automation and Zapier to improve your business, save money, grow revenue, be smarter and more agile, and, of course, create a happier workplace and company overall.

What's possible with automation?

Automation Examples for your Company

Sales team automation 🤙💵
Immediately engage with a qualified lead - automation

When a prospect visits your website and fills in a form you know they're interested in your product or service. It's critical that your sales team acts fast. This automation ensures your lead gets engaged and your team and company knows to follow-up.

  1. Prospect completes form on your website
  2. Send the prospect an email with sales material
  3. Add the prospect to your CRM contact management system
  4. Enrich prospect data for both contact and company
  5. Create deal in CRM system for prospect company
  6. Send email or slack notification to sales person to follow-up
  7. Add task to sales person to do list
  8. Add the prospect to your email newsletter list (if they gave permission)

And, of course, many more automations are also possible!

Evolve your business
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