Integromat Automation Experts
We are experts at designing and implementing powerful business processes and automations using Integromat.

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a powerful and flexible platform that helps connect many different online software and tools without using code. They call themselves “the glue of the internet” because they can help stick your different software together so when something happens in one place, it triggers many other things to also happen automatically.


Why Integromat and not Zapier or another platform?

Integromat is very similar to Zapier and both are exceptional platforms that you will continue to hear more and more about. We love Zapier and are also Zapier Certified Experts, so we don’t have any problem with Zapier and are indeed big fans.

However to put it simply, Integromat offers more flexibility than Zapier and is more cost effective. The downside is that it’s not quite as user-friendly as Zapier and requires a bit more time to learn and understand.


Integromat vs Zapier

Integromat Pros
👍 More flexible
👍 Cost effective
👍 Great visualisation

Integromat Cons
👎 Steeper learning curve
👎 Harder to use
👎 Less integrations

Zapier Pros
👍 User friendly
👍 Lots of integrations
👍 Great support

Zapier Cons
👎 Expensive when you grow
👎 Limited app flexibility
👎 Clunky with data manipulation


Integromat Automation Experts

We have helped our clients scale and handle more customers with even less effort thanks to automations we’ve set up using Integromat. Our clients now have their own custom platforms to manage their business in a smarter fashion thanks to the business process automation we’ve helped them set up.

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Let us help you develop your business systems and processes, reskill your staff, train you on the tech, and provide ongoing support and help whenever needed. So you and your company can make more money and have less to worry about.