Vend POS Automation Consulting
Vend POS is easy to use, intuitive, and powerful software to help run your retail business. We help you automate and integrate Vend with your other software so you can save time and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Run your retail business smoothly

Vend is an excellent POS system for retail businesses to handle customer transactions and operate. It has excellent reporting functionality and can be integrated with a range of other online platforms and software. Vend offers native integrations with Xero, MYOB, and many other services, and through Zapier we can also connect it with almost every major platform out there.

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Vend ↔ Xero

Vend ↔ Quickbooks
Vend ↔ MYOB

Whatever online accounting software you prefer to use, there is an option to integrate with
Track profitability in real-time
Automatically sync daily totals
Make reconciliations simple

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Vend ↔ Shopify

Vend ↔ BigCommerce
Vend ↔ WooCommerce

Connecting your physical store and online stores are easy.
Inventory management
Sync customer details
Follow-up emails and customer service
Get reviews and feedback

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Vend ↔ Checkfront

Better manage your hiring or booking systems so you can rent products to your customers and also manage retail sales at the same time.
Sync sales for better reports
Sync customer details
Manage sales credit
Follow-up hires


Vend ↔ Mailchimp

Vend ↔ Marsello
Vend ↔ Hubspot

Grow your customer base and provide exceptional customer follow-up.
Targeted email marketing
SMS marketing
Loyalty programs
Review and feedback

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Let us help you develop your business systems and processes, reskill your staff, train you on the tech, and provide ongoing support.